The Future of the Glen Cove Mansion
In an ongoing effort to preserve the continued success of the Glen Cove Mansion, the owners are seeking to subdivide the 55-acre property, which is bounded by Lattingtown Road, Old Tappan Road and Dosoris Lane. Their intent is only to develop an approximately 17.5-acre parcel on the Northeast corner near the Lattingtown Ponds Development for duplex residential housing according the City of Glen Cove's Estate Preserve (E) Floating Zone District, while leaving the balance of the estate untouched.

The City of Glen Cove's Master Plan
The proposal is in alignment with the City of Glen Cove's Master Plan whose goal is to strategically grow the Glen Cove community while preserving the best of its past as it prepares for its future. The Master Plan was developed by a task force of more than 30 Glen Cove community members - including business and community leaders, lay people, professionals, school and clergy members, city attorneys and planning and zoning board members. Their efforts created the first comprehensive Master Plan for the City of Glen Cove in more than 55 years.

The City of Glen Cove's Estate Preserve (E) Floating Zone District
The City of Glen Cove added the Estate Preserve (E) Floating Zone District on August 24, 2010. The Estate District was designed to encourage the preservation of the City's important historic estates and the grounds that contribute to their character. The Estate District allows the residential development of an estate site at its full residential density yield while clustering the homes on portions of the site that are less contributory to the character of the estate, or within the structure itself. Additions to historic structures are permitted so long as they are architecturally harmonious with the original structure; do not detract from their historic or architectural importance; and are designed in a manner that does not significantly detract from views of the resource or its grounds from public viewpoints. The proposed North Manor Estates development is designed to conform with and to achieve the goals for the City's Estate Preserve Zoning District.