The Estate District zoning parallels the sentiments of Glen Cove Mansion's original owner John Teele Pratt who believed that there should be "no inharmonious note to throw the whole out of tune." The Mansion and gardens form an aesthetically well-balanced country estate. North Manor Estates will echo this sentiment with a timeless design that will embrace and reflect the gracious lifestyle and serenity personified by the Glen Cove Mansion.

Features and Community Benefits:

  • While the 55-acre Glen Cove Mansion property is primarily zoned for one-acre residential housing, the owners are proposing only to develop an approximately 17.5-acre parcel on the Northeast corner near the Lattingtown Ponds Development for duplex luxury residences. The remaining approximately 37 acres of the property will remain unchanged.
  • The proposed North Manor Estates will feature approximately 46 duplex homes in 23 buildings with luxurious amenities and front yards facing Dosoris Lane. The homes will be set back at least 250 feet from Dosoris Lane and 75 feet from Lattingtown Road to preserve the vista of the great lawn on the west side of the property.
  • The naturally sloping roads within the property curve so that the homes will be substantially screened from Lattingtown Road.
  • The owners will create a safe and attractive walking and biking path for the Glen Cove community within the walled perimeter of the Glen Cove Mansion property.
  • North Manor Estates and the new walking/bike path will be located in the Walking Trail Zone and also in close proximity to the YMCA, Glen Cove public golf course and Glen Cove High School's fields, track and tennis courts. Interestingly, the Pratt family donated the Glen Cove High School property to the City of Glen Cove.
  • North Manor Estates will have a net positive effect on the Glen Cove Public Schools, providing increased tax revenue higher than the projected cost to educate the few children expected to attend the public schools. The Lattingtown Ponds and Long Meadow multifamily developments - which are adjacent to the proposed North Manor Estates - have only two children registered to attend Glen Cove Public Schools.
  • North Manor Estates will not impact the Mansion's renowned great lawn and will preserve the historic Dosoris Lane vistas.